Clutch of Barn Owls © Dedham Vale AONB

Local Wildlife

The peaceful, varied habitat of the Stour Valley provides the perfect environment for a wide range of species - from otters and water voles to skylark and barn owls. 

We work with landowners, communities, farmers and organisations to conserve this wildlife and enhance the landscape features that are so vital for their survival. 

Across the UK a process known as Biodiversity Action Planning (BAP) has been used to identify species and habitats in need of particular help. Within the Stour Valley, the BAP’s compiled by Essex and Suffolk County Councils have identified a number of actions to benefit the habitats and species under threat. 

We are in a key position to co-ordinate the action required as we have contact with community groups, individuals and landowners throughout the Stour Valley and are able to use our own Stour Valley Volunteers to carry out some of the work. 

The habitats and species of particular priority within the Stour Valley include: Native black poplar, otter, water vole, dormouse, stag beetle, white clawed crayfish, skylark, barn owl and great crested newt.

If you would like to help improve conditions for wildlife within the Stour Valley or would like some advice about managing areas for wildlife, please don't hesitate to contact us

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