The National Association for AONBs

The Dedham Vale AONB is one of 46 AONBs in Britain, all designated in recognition of their natural importance and to ensure that they remain 'landscapes for life'.
January 2017 NAAONB update - Leading, Sharing, Learning, Inspiring

The work of the national AONBs is summarised in the following Inforgraphic (2016) - download it here:

The National Association for Areas of Oustanding Beauty (NAAONB) is the voice of the AONB partnerships and conservation boards and represents the AONB Family on national issues including policy and advocacy, communications, training and securing resources.  The Association have published The Value of AONB Partnerships report (2013).

For more information about the NAAONB, or to find out more about the other AONBs in Britain, visit the Landscapes for Life website.



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