Become a Stour Valley Environment Champion

Is your business reliant on the visitor economy?

Do your visitors enjoy the Dedham Vale and Stour Valley, and want to see it looked after for many years to come?

Do you and your colleagues enjoy running fundraising events?

We are extending a warm invitation to local businesses of all sizes to become Stour Valley Environment Champions, and get actively involved in supporting community projects that enhance and conserve the wonderful landscape that we and our visitors enjoy.

Our Champions will fund-raise or make donations to support environmental activities and share information about the landscape with your visitors and customers.  It is a two-way relationship, with the AONB benefiting from funding for environmental projects and improved awareness, and businesses benefiting from “a warm glow!” and an association with an environmental organisation dedicating themselves to championing the Dedham Vale and Stour Valley. 

The business will receive useful visitor information and promotion through our network, a chance to meet other businesses and the opportunity to have bespoke training or a team-building activity.

When you undertake to be a Stour Valley Environment Champion we will ask you to promote the positive messages of the AONB and Project to visitors and customers; to help visitors support and donate to local conservation, collecting donations on behalf of the Scheme; involve your colleagues and/or clients in supporting the AONB and Project area.  The application form is at the bottom of this page.

Where will your money go?

By donating to the Stour Valley Environment Fund or directly sponsoring an activity you will be making a difference.  Projects that receive funding could be community gardens; voluntary groups improving their environment; work to protect native wildlife and their habitats that encourage more dormice, Barn Owls, voles, grass snakes, kingfishers and others; improvements to footpaths and leaflets to encourage visitors to get out and enjoy the area.

The Champion scheme aims to raise money AND provide a good network of businesses around the area AND improve awareness of the AONB and Project area.  It’s all about putting something back in and working together to make a difference in the environment… so come and join us NOW!

To find out more and to discuss how YOU can get involved, please contact Cathy Smith or Simon Amstutz on 01394 445225 or email


Stour Valley Environment Champions Application Form

Stour Valley Environment Champions - Information

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