Stour Valley Path walkthrough © DV AONB

Stour Valley Path Volunteers

The Stour Valley Path is a sixty mile regional route that stretches from Newmarket in the west to Manningtree in the east. 

As you can imagine, this is a large route to monitor and maintain.  However, the whole route is patrolled by a team of volunteers who each walk a section of the path twice a year. 

Their comments are then forwarded to the Dedham Vale AONB and Stour Valley Project.  Depending on the type of problem reported we either arrange repairs to countryside furniture, or we report the problem to the relevant Rights of Way Officer.

Once a year, we hold a Stour Valley Path Volunteers evening.  This gives us the opportunity to thank the volunteers officially for all the hard work they have undertaken.  We also update the volunteers by letting them know  what has been achieved along the path in the last year.  A guest speaker is invited to the meeting to talk about an aspect of Rights of Way.

If you would like to know more about helping with the Stour Valley Path, please contact Emma Black, Project Officer on 01394 445225 or at


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