Pollinator Patches

Bee populations are declining for a variety of reasons, one of which is lack of appropriate nectar sources. The Suffolk/Essex AONBs (Suffolk Coast & Heaths and Dedham Vale) wish to help in some way and also build on the success of the recent ‘Scattered Orchards’ project. In 2016 the AONB received funding from the Sustainable Development Fund to set up a 'Pollinator Patches' project.

The aim of 'Pollinator Patches' is to enhance some of our ‘Scattered Orchard’ sites to increase habitat for pollinators. The project will consist of planting bulbs, wildflower plugs and some shrubs at selected ‘Scattered Orchard’ sites with the local communities. There is a leaflet / flyer with helpful ‘top tips’ (download or see below) on how to manage the sites to benefit pollinators. i.e. plant in groups, cut vegetation once a year, ensure nectar sources are available throughout the year etc.

As part of this scheme volunteers are helping us to survey sites, circulate information and also get involved with planting pollinator friendly plants.

If you would like to be involved as a volunteer, please contact:
Emma Black, Countryside Officer
Email emma.black@suffolk.gov.uk

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