Non-Native Invasive Plants in the Stour Valley

The Dedham Vale AONB and Stour Valley Project (DVSVP) are working to tackle non-native invasive plants (NNIP) in the Stour Valley. The DVSVP have been working on collaborative projects with the Environment Agency since 2012 to raise awareness of key NNIP in the Stour Valley, initiate control/eradication works and to expand the knowledge of NNIP distribution throughout the Stour catchment. 

The key NNIP that currently pose a threat in the River Stour catchment are:

  • Giant Hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum)
  • Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica)
  • Himalayan Balsam (Impatiens glandulifera
  • Floating Pennywort (Hydrocotyle ranunculoides)
  • Water Fern (Azolla filiculoides)
  • New Zealand pigmyweed (Crassula helmsii)

As part of the River Stour Enhancement Project, Alex Moore da Luz, River Stour Project Officer, is working with a wide range of different individuals and groups to stop the spread of NNIP through the catchment.

For updates on the NNIP project please see our latest Non-Native Invasive Plants in the Stour Valley Newsletter:
NNIP in the Stour Valley Newsletter Winter 2013 
NNIP in the Stour Valley Newsletter Spring 2013

For further information on the project please contact the River Stour Project Officer, Alex Moore da Luz on OR 01394 445225

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