Geocache Guides

The Dedham Vale AONB & Stour Vally Project is embracing the new leisure pursuit of Geocaching. The task of using a GPS enabled device (smart phone/hanheld GPS) to hunt down a small box/package containing different things. These geocaches can range from small jars/pots to large lunchbox/tins. Often hidden inside is a small prize/toy which can be exchanged for something by the discoverer. All you have to do to take part in this world wide phenomenon is to look up a geocache location on the geocache website and then enter the coordinates into your GPS device and get hunting.

To help you have fun and take part in this geocaching craze we have created some free downloadable leaflets which will tell you the coordinates of known geocache locations along some of the walks in the Dedham Vale & Stour Valley. You will also need a map of the route which these geocaches are on, these can be found in our walking guides page. If you print out one of the geocache leaflets and take it on your walk with you, you can mark off each geocache as you go. If you manage to find all the geocaches in one walk and send us the leaflet, we will send you an amazing prize, full of more things to do in the area and amazing walks to go on.

There really is no excuse to not take part and get out there into the beautiful countryside and have some fun along the way. It will help motivate the children to get some exercise, by making them feel like a pirate on a treasure hunt, and who said children get to have all the fun!

Geocache Leaflets:

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